Working together


The regional collaboration study is out after more than a year in the works and while some of the recommendations are expected — combining and cost-sharing regional utilities — others like shutting down the ski hill are not.

What was interesting were the comments left by the public and by members from each of the communities in Clyde, the town and county.

Some were pretty funny, like those about needing a Wendy’s to add to the town’s fast food repertoire, or “Radar Randy” handing out tickets.

On a more serious note, several times bad blood on council or behind the scenes in administration had been pointed out. One may have called them “old fuddy duddies in county office,” but the issue here is more concerning.

Both the county and the town also mentioned bad working relationships, prior to and during the study. While this isn’t unique to our area, that doesn’t make it less of an issue.

The biggest hurdle for success will be everyone on council — and their respective administrations — getting along.

At least all could agree that working together is in the best interest of everyone in the region, as well as the long-term growth and sustainability of the area.

After all the money and work that went into this study, there are valid points that would benefit the region and opportunities that all three councils should heavily consider.

If councils do plan on following through with some of these suggestions, they will be seeing a lot more of each other.

But if they continue letting disagreements get in the way of progress and doing what’s best for the area, it only hurts the region and the people living in it.

Obviously most of these will cost something and shouldn’t all be undertaken at once, but long-term plans are necessary and inevitable — at least with updated provincial legislation coming down the pipeline.

We’re optimistic that with a few new faces at the council table come October, they will bring with them fresh ideas and perspectives.

For those sticking around, we hope they continue on the progressive path. Whatever happens, let’s get councillors on all sides to clear out a few cobwebs and look towards the future.


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