Ready to rock


After months of waiting, the big week is finally here.

The 2017 Alberta Boston Pizza Cup is on our doorstep, with the rocks set to drop this Wednesday, Feb. 8.

Anticipation for the provincial curling championship has been building inside and outside town since organizers made the announcement last fall.

This tournament will attract provincial and national attention to our little community, so let’s show our support and turn out for this big event.

After all, when will we have an opportunity like this again?

For the next week, Westlock and all its sports bars, restaurants and facilities will be the battleground to determine who will represent Team Alberta at the Brier.

Hotels are booked, restaurants are expected to be packed. In fact, there are estimates that this is the single largest event to ever occur in the area.

We’re in the big leagues now.

Or at least, we are for the next week and a half. For the next few days, Westlock could look more like Red Deer or Wetaskiwin.

Westlockians should embrace this. Not only are we able to show off our community to the country as a whole, we get to be ground zero for a party unlike any other.

This is a golden opportunity to show the nation, and the world, our particular brand of hospitality and why the people who come to Westlock quite often stay here.

It’s also a huge economic boon for the region. The BP Cup brings in an average $100,000 in revenue to local businesses. Tourism is a great way to get those economic engines burning hot once again.

For all the tourists and visitors who might be reading this paper, welcome. We hope you enjoy our small and friendly town.

Might we suggest you venture outside the Rotary Spirit Centre where the Cup is being held and take a look at what Westlock has to offer? Try the food, take a dip in our pool, visit our ski hill. Check out our museums and pick up some art or home made crafts.

And for our own residents, don’t sit this one out. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The amount of work that has gone into this event is staggering. Well over 200 volunteers will be working for free to make this the best tournament they can.

So let’s make this a week to remember.


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